Chartered Institute of Linguists: time to renew my membership... but why?

Since 2008, I have paid a membership fee to the Chartered Institute of Linguists. So I am a member of that institute and could put the initials MCIL after my name.

What does it mean to me? And what should it mean to you?

To me, it means an access to the latest information and tips for linguists (ie: teachers, translators, interpreters), opportunities for continued professional development, mentoring if need be, a supportive professional community and clear guidelines for professional conduct.

To you, it is a quarantee that you are working with a professional who abides by a code of professional conduct, who is committed to continued professional development and who stays informed of the latest developments in the linguistic field.

I love translation work and I was really thrilled when I passed the Diploma in Translation. My promise to you is that I will only ever accept a piece of work if I know I am qualified for it. My mother tongue is French, so I only translate from English into French.

Check my membership status here.

Need some translation done ? I would be happy to help.

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