Make it personal

#11 Language learning tips and tools

In everyday life, you are more likely to hear "don't make it personal" or don't take it personally" than the reverse.

Well, when it comes to language learning, I would invite you to make it personal and take it personally if the language acquisition process is not going in the direction you were hoping.

Check in with yourself. Listen to your intuition.

⭐ Nobody is bad at languages, nobody is hopeless. What could happen though, is that you find yourself in the wrong class or with the wrong teacher. The class may be very good and the teacher very experienced, but not suited to you, your needs and your objectives.

💡 Before you choose a way to learn a language that appears to be good value for money, choose one that is suited to your needs.

❓ Do you feel comfortable, confident, relaxed in the class ? If not, bad news. You cannot do much learning when you are stressed because your brain won't be very cooperative.

❓ Is the pace suitable or too fast — and you can't keep up — or too slow — and you get bored ? If the rhythm is not right for you, you might lose your motivation and give up language learning altogether as a waste of time and energy.

❓ Do you have a say in what you are taught, a space to voice your needs and be heard, a way to be actively involved in your learning process? If not, your energy might be used in the wrong direction and all your efforts won't help you meet your objective or you will run out of steam before you get there.

If you want to discuss it further, get in touch.

😀 Happy learning!

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