Mastering the French accent! A success story.

What a clear objective and a good deal of determination can achieve.

When Oksana contacted me, she knew exactly what she wanted to achieve and when she wanted to meet her objective by. These two elements were the pillars of her success.

I met her once and we established what sounds she was struggling to hear and to pronounce. We then agreed on a schedule to tackle these difficulties one at a time, mostly in 30 minute sessions online. She achieved the result she was aiming for in a month, with less than 6 hours of private tuition. It all happened in June 2020.

You can read her testimonial below and it is worth all my explanations.

Having lived in the Geneva for over a decade I’ve mastered French language but I just could not get to grips with the accent. I know the grammar & have a decent vocabulary but I was so conscious & at times embarrassed to converse because of my heavily accented French. I listened to CDs & native speakers & repeated the words but somehow hearing the sounds/words didn’t automatically translate into reproducing them correctly. In short, I was fed up with lack of confidence & my heavily accented French. Gaelle managed to pinpoint exactly what sounds I struggled to say & taught me how to pronounce them correctly. I loved the mix of the teaching methods, which varied from 1-1 chats to listening to her recordings of words & poems to repeating the words from online sites. At times I struggled but with her dedication & encouragement I have improved my accent beyond my expectations. If like me, you want to talk easily, confidently & correctly in French, I highly recommend Gaelle. Oksana

This testimonial means a lot to me because it exemplifies what I want to bring to every single person who decides to work with me. I listen to their needs and try to find the right approach and resources to help them progress and hopefully have fun in the process.

Get in touch if you would like to discuss your language learning objectives with me. The first meeting is free, no strings attached.

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