Spaced repetition tools

#2 Language learning tips and tools

Last week, I wrote about the forgetting curve and shared a video explaining the theory behind it. The video also mentioned spaced repetition as way to help knowledge stick in your brain. Very well!

If you are interested in this approach, you might need a tool to ensure effective spaced repetition. As the volume of knowledge to review increases, it would otherwise be difficult to keep track of when to review what.

Anki or RemNote could be the solution for you. Check out their respective websites to find out more. Both tools are study facilitator, they track your progress, remind you what you need to study and reinforce the notions that need consolidating.

How? It works out when to quiz you again on a word, a phrase or any other piece of knowledge that does not spring readily to mind .

If you already use one of these two apps, I would love to hear back from you.

If you try them after reading this article, let me know what you think.

And if you need to prioritize what to learn, I would be happy to help, so get in touch.

Happy spaced repetition and happy language learning!

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