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Speak French for real

Dernière mise à jour : 31 mars 2020

Proud to introduce "Babble breaks" to you.

Have you ever felt frustrated when you finally overcame your self-consciousness and started a conversation in French only to have the person you were talking to reply in English? Well, what's the point? Why make the effort?

Babble breaks give you an opportunity to speak French in a friendly social environment. Sessions are organised at different times and on various days in friendly venues (so far Antidote, Café Ex Machina, Gab'in and Tartines & Co in Nyon). Don't forget to bring some change for drinks.

Babble breaks offer a great deal of flexibility. You do not have to turn up at a particular time or on a set day. You can attend whenever you please, as long as there are places available.

How does it work?

Register online and pay for your pack. Check out the calendar. Choose your date and send a message or an email to secure a place (minimum 3 and maximum 5 people) at least 48 hours in advance. You will then receive a confirmation. Places are attributed on a first come first served basis.

Come prepared. A theme will be chosen and you are expected to come with questions to ask and things to say, maybe even a short presentation to make. You will be prompted and encouraged in your efforts by a qualified French teacher.

The level (beginner, intermediate or advanced) the session is pitched at will also be announced in advance.

Not sure what your level is? Get in touch to be assessed.

Want to try it? The first session is free. Book now!

And after the free trial, the prices are as follows:

1 session CHF 25.-

5 sessions CHF 100.-

10 sessions CHF 190.-

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