Tap into the power of habits

#6 Language learning tips and tools

This is probably the most powerful tip to set you up for success in language learning, but it can also apply to other areas : lose weight, get fitter, be better organised, have a tidier home, stop procrastinating... The Power of Habits is actually the title of a best seller written by Charles Duhigg.

Maybe you are into taking good resolutions for the new year. As I am writing this article, 2021 has just started, so my tip might help you with those. If not, it can still help you with language learning.

If you are into self help and personal development, have not read The Power of Habits and happen to have time on your hands, you might want to browse through it or give it a thorough perusal.

For today, I will just share one gem I took from it and I will share it with you as I understand it:

cue/trigger > habit > reward

A habit has a trigger and its motivation is a reward. I won't go into how we form bat habits and what we can do about it. I will share with you a good habit that I have developped and will then explain how it can apply to language learning.

This is my good habit: trigger - I get up in the morning, habit - I put my sport clothes and my running shoes on, reward - good conscience and energy for the day.

Now look into the habits that you have and how they can be diverted in order to serve your language learning goal.

Trigger - running/walking, habit - listening to songs, podcasts > change of habit: playlist or podcasts in your target language, reward - motivation, feeding your interests, increasing your knowedge on specific topics + bonus : language listening practice.

Trigger - sat on a train or in a tea room, habit - reading the news > change of habit : find sources of information in your target language, reward : you kow what is going on in the world + bonus : reading practice.

So you keep the trigger and the reward, but change the habit.

What habit of yours could you change to boost your language learning?

I would love to hear your ideas. You can get in touch to share it.

Happy learning! 😀

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