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Thanks to the words!

Dernière mise à jour : 31 mars 2020

Right now, I read, I see and I hear lots of words that I find overwhelming, depressing or downright scary. But I still believe in the magical power of words, in their ability to bring meaning, motivation, beauty and connection.

Yesterday I felt a strong urge to read words that bring hope, make you smile and uplift you. As we need to respect social distancing, I turned to my virtual networks and, in less than 24 hours, I picked more than 200 words, in French or in English. Each of them made me smile, for various reasons. That's a lot of smiling in a day!

Thanks for being so generous. Now let me give you the clouds of positive words I created with my harvest. May they bring a bit of light to your day.

You could also make one and send it to me. I would love that!

And if you want to share more words, I am still available for French tuittion or babble breaks on Skype or Zoom.

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