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#7 Language learning tips and tools

I discovered "Défis de conjugaison" (conjugation challenges) yesterday thanks to my daughter, aged 11, enrolled in a public school in Vaud and going through the painful process of taming conjugation.

I am sure you will agree to say that French conjugations are challenging even for mother tongue learners. It take a bit of drilling for the knowledge to stick and be readily available when you need it. Hard to keep your motivation going if the drilling seems irrelevant.

"Défis de conjugaison" is devised so that you can choose which verbs to practice, in what tense, how many questions you want to be asked. The design is a bit dry, but it does the job!

Fancy trying it? then I invite you to complete this little challenge I set and test your knowledge of 10 of the most useful verbs in French in the imperfect, perfect, present and future tense.

Take the challenge.

And let me know how you get on!

If you want to take your level of French to new heights, get in touch. We can talk about it and find a solution that will suit you.

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